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Drink Better. Live Longer.

Drinking healthy juices with probiotics can change your life!

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How does it work?

Choose your custom juice pack and have it delivered right to your door, across Canada!

The Space-Saver has a minimum of 8 juices. Shipping is extra, but it’s super convenient, and you’ll save the tax.

The PowerPack is the best deal around. You’ll get 16 juices that fit neatly in your fridge. You’ll Save the Tax and you’ll get Free  Delivery if you live in Ontario and Quebec (there’s a flat rate of $20 for everywhere else in Canada).

Subscribe for three months and you’ll save another 12.5% (as low as $6.99 per cold-pressed juice). It’s the best juice for the best price! Choose how often you’d like your juice, and use Subscription Code: JUICECLUB

We ship fast using an ingenious, recyclable cooler that’ll keep your juice cold Also, our cold-pressed juices are cold-pressure pasteurized to seal in freshness and increase food safety. The juice will last several weeks in the fridge –much longer than it’ll take you drink it, guaranteed.

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Pick your Custom Juice Pack

Number 2

Order a 16-Pack and SAVE

Number 3

Subscribe to our Juice Club and SAVE EVEN MORE! Pick how often you'd like to receive your juice, and use Code "JUICECLUB"

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